The Run, Pass, Option. Week 15 Picks.

The Run, Pass, Option. is your weekly NFL betting guide. Take these bets and everything your bookie has.

Run With These Teams


The Chicago Bears may just be the best team in football even when their quarterback gives the ball away like condoms in a college dorm. The Packers somehow pulled out the victory last time by a single point, but they don’t stand a chance. The Bears are not going to let their biggest rival beat them another time and Nagy will want to get the offense back on track against an in-conference rival. Take Chicago -6


The Tennessee Titans an underdog by 2 points is a vast oversight, even on the road, and they will beat a Giants team which is completely one dimensional by a million. Derrick Henry won’t have as big of a week as he did last week, which isn’t that hard to say. The Giants looked really good last week but water will find its level now. Tennessee -2

titans defense

Pass On These Teams

Kansas City

The Chiefs are running into a buzzsaw this week in the Chargers. We saw last week how a good defense can keep the Chiefs in check, and the Chargers have a much better offense than the Ravens do. The Chiefs are favored by 2.5, but I think the Chargers will take them down a peg this week. Take the Chargers +2.5

Los Angeles Rams

Somehow the Rams are favored by 11.5. This is just way too many points for a team playing Super Bowl Champion Nick Foles. The Eagles have not played well this year, but they will cover this huge spread after barely losing a very important game to the Cowboys. Take Philadelphia +11.5

The Last Option

Under 39.5 for DET/BUF

38 degrees and raining in Buffalo this weekend between two terrible teams? Ill take the under now and twice on Sundays. The Lions put up 17 points against the worst team in football Arizona Cardinals, and the Bills are more or less just running QB draws with Josh Allen. There is a very good chance there is only one touchdown this week. Under 39.5

matt stafford

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