The Run, Pass, Option. Week 11 Picks.

The Run, Pass, Option. is your weekly NFL betting guide. Take these bets and bankrupt your bookie.

RUN with these picks:

Titans at Colts (-2)

The Titans are playing like a team possessed, a road dog just a week after shutting down the Patriots at home. The Colts are also playing great behind very good line play, but the Titans are possibly the best defense they’ve played in the last 5 weeks. The Titans have the number 1 scoring defense, along with the allowing just under 100 rushing yards per game and the number 6 pass defense (228.2 ypg). This is the best defense the Colts have played since their week 4 loss to the Texans. Expect this to be a low scoring affair, and the Titans to win outright. Pick= Titans (+2)

Cowboys at Falcons(-3.5)

Dallas has a new lease on life with the addition of Amari Cooper and Ezekiel Elliot imposing his will against the Eagles. The Falcons defense is bottom third of the league in scoring, passing ypg, and rushing ypg. The Falcons running and passing game out of the backfield, which has been their bread and butter, will be neutralized by the outstanding linebackers of the Cowboys. Expect the Cowboys to cover this spread in a close scoring game. Pick=Cowboys(+3.5)


Pass on these teams:

The Jaguars

The Jagwires are done and finished. This week they are running not only into the buzzsaw that is the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offense, but also the Big Ben revenge game from last year’s playoffs. The Steeler’s Defense got back to their roots against the Panthers last week in pressuring Cam Newton and throwing him out of rhythm. The Jaguars Offense isn’t even close to how good the Panthers is, especially how dynamic of a player Cam Newton is compared to Blake Bortles. The Jaguars are going to get worked over like Sonny Liston in 1965 by the Steelers, and you can safely place them into the “pretender” column. The Steelers are at (-5.5), take this confidently. Pick= Steelers -5.5

The Lions

Somehow the High School substitute science teacher that is Matt Patricia has won some big games in his first year in Detroit. And don’t get me wrong, I like the Lions as much as the next guy who likes watching mediocre November football. But, the Lions have no chance of stopping the Panther’s Offense. Cam will be sure to drive the ball down the field and score, following that abysmal showing against the Steelers. Expect Cam, McCaffrey, and Curtis Samuel to run it up on the Lions to get back on track. The Panthers will cover their (-4) spread comfortably this week. Pick=Panthers -4


The Last Option:

The Vikings and Bears over/under is currently at 45. Now both of these teams have heralded defenses, and most people expect a low scoring affair. But, hammer this over this will be a fast-paced game. Both teams have found a dynamic passing attack, and both have had success on the ground. Do not expect either of these teams to be held below 17 points. This is the surprise high scoring game of the week. Pick=Over 45

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