The Michael Irvin Defense

It was foretold many years ago that Stephen A. must argue against the Dallas Cowboys on every single tv appearance. Michael Irvin becoming the human embodiment of the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius made for the most entertaining First Take and Monday Night Football in recent memory. Michael Irvin starting to leak sweat like a class VI white-water rapids at the very mention of Dak Prescott slander is the Skip Bayless-esque foil that is so necessary to unlocking Stephen A.’s powers. The only thing better than a Stephen A. rant is an anti-Cowboys rant that sounds more like somebody reading a thesaurus for the word “absurd” than a composed argument.

Michael Irvin showed Max Kellerman up on his own set, in Jerry World. Kellerman should have left the Cowboys talk to the true, passionate, professionals. You simply cannot shy away from the heat that Cowboys slander brings upon you, and Stephen A. is the king of it. He was baptized in the fires of Skip Bayless’s unwavering support of a mediocre team.

Simply put, Michael Irvin needs to become the new face of insane Cowboys love on FS1.

michael irvin

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